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GA4 Google Update

You Have To Love Google…No Literally…You HAVE To

You Have To Love Google…No Literally…You HAVE To Love Google!!!!

With the advent and roll out of GA4 as well as Google backing all the heavy hitters out on the web, it is clear to see that Google’s dominance is only getting stronger and their search algorithms are even more powerful and pickier than ever before.

For those that are prepared, it will mean a new windfall of opportunity to acquire new market share through an all digital channel. For those that are not prepared, they will simply wonder where all their business went.

Pay Close Attention To The Next Sentence

Google will stop monitoring your site and will stop reporting data that is NOT GA4 compliant by July of this year, 2023!

See death by Google is silent and swift…literally turning you off like a light switch.

Living vicariously through loving Google provides a ton of perks and added revenue!

How does GA4 make you more money?

So the honest truth is that GA4 is the only way to ensure you will keep your revenue solid without seeing a reduction due to lack of search engine relevancy. It truly is the way to ensure that you can generate more revenue by being more relevant than your competitors.

Why do I need to upgrade now?…The switch to GA4 is not until July 2023?

If you’re serious about your business and its revenue, then you should move to GA4 right now. GA4 is the new standard by which all other search engines will have to adhere to and Google has officially announced it will discontinue Universal Analytics in July 2023, so everyone will have to upgrade at some point.

Since Google Universal Analytics will stop collecting data, moving your tracking now means you’ll have historical data in your new platform, whether that’s GA4 or other metadata. It also means you won’t have a blackout period during your transition since you can use both at the same time until you fully transition.

So now it’s time to bottom-line this whole blog for you…if you are running a business- you don’t have time to market your business. Let us handle the marketing, so you can do what you do best, take care of your customers!

P.S. You HAVE to love Google in 2023 and I am sticking to it….


Tom and the Influx Crew

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