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Social Media Ads

Businesses use Social Media to expand their online presence and build brand loyalty by engaging customers. However, without paid reach, your social media doesn’t have the same results your business deserves.

When you hire a company (like us!) to run your social media, content is curated and designed to best represent your brand. If we are managing your social media feeds, it will be visually appealing, however, how many people see it is another story. Posts tend to “die” quickly without paid reach.

Invest In Your Social Media

Social media is free, right? Well, yes…It is free to use, however to get reach, you must begin a paid and targeted ad campaign. That addition alone will get you 50x the exposure for even the more limited budgets. The good news is we are experts in making this happen on behalf of your business. Pair the ads campaign with our social media management plan and you will have amazing social feeds that get seen over and over- all while attracting new customers.

How We Do It

We can’t give away all of our secrets, but we can share a few…

  • We use your customer lists & web visitors to re-target your base
  • We expand on your base customer by finding similar people with similar interests
  • We strategically geo-target your most likely customers
  • We focus on repetition, people convert when they remember your brand
  • We pair social ads with Google Ads so your exposure meets your customer when there is demand
  • We crunch all of that data and tweak it over time to get you the best reach for the lowest cost
What To Expect

Actual reach depends on budget, industry, and your ad goals. But to demystify what’s possible, try ourĀ Restaurant Social Marketing Engine. You’ll see it’s almost impossible to lose revenue as long as we’re hitting some very conservative numbers. In addition, our ads become more effective over time as the AI learns who your customers are.

What We Do
  • Curate your audience list based on pixel data and email lists
  • Taylor your ads campaign to your specific goals
  • Refine your ads to perform better over time
  • Report back results and repeat what’s working

Ask us for a free audit of your social presence & contact us today to get your social feeds looking great and seen by the masses!