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OpenTable Setup

Reservation systems like OpenTable can feel like a huge task- and they need to be set up correctly to maximize your seating potential during peak hours. With dozens of restaurant launches under our belts, we know the pitfalls of setting up OpenTable and how to correctly get you up and running right the first time.

Why OpenTable & Added Value

OpenTable is the largest network for reservations in the world, but few people know about the added value it has under the hood. Some features that restaurant owners never hear about are;

  • Mailchimp sync
  • Meta (Facebook) integration
  • Pre-sale events
  • Seasonal boosts
  • Open table paid promotions
“But OpenTable Is Expensive”…

One thing we hear a lot is OpenTable costs a lot, and we can’t argue that- however, we have seen many restaurants try commission free platforms and notice a dramatic drop in their gust count. Why is this?

  • OpenTable has the largest network of diners on their app
  • OpenTable actively promotes your business on Google and their private channels
  • OpenTable is the “Google” of finding where to dine out
  • Frequent diners rely on OpenTable to discover their next dining experience
  • Many diners will not even visit your website, they just find it on OpenTable and book
  • OpenTable provides real-time availability on their app for diners on the fly

These are just a few of the reasons OpenTable has remained the “king” of restaurant reservations. Rest assured, if this ever changes we’ll be on the cutting edge of the next best thing. Contact Influx today to tap into everything OpenTable has to fill seats in your restaurant!