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EventBrite Ticketing

Ticketing systems like EventBrite can feel easy to manage, but there’s so much more than just creating an account and adding tickets. Events need to be set up correctly to avoid issues at the door and confusion with the event. Some pitfalls we’ve seen are;

  • Poorly written or not enough copy on your listing
  • Not including professional banners or atmospheric photos on the listing
  • Setting up you tax or deposit information incorrectly
  • Forgetting about tapping into upsells or add-ons
  • Not leveraging tiered pricing and in the moment sales pushes
Why Let Us Manage It

We’ve set up hundreds of events and sold thousand of tickets, we know what it takes to get your customers to commit. With each event we look at many aspects to make sure it’s a success.

  • Demographic information planning, which also reflects design
  • Competitive price points in your area, who are we up against?
  • Strategic bell curve marketing (learn, ramp up, slow down after peaking)
  • Proper event descriptions and refund policies to avoid customer dissatisfaction
  • Creatively tiered price planning
Why EventBrite & Added Value

EventBrite is one of the biggest ticketing networks in the world, but few people know about the added value it has under the hood. They also promote independently though their app and targeted email lists, which drive 25-40% of your sales (on average). Some features clients never hear about are;

  • Mailchimp sync
  • Meta (Facebook) integration
  • Google and Meta pixel tracking
  • EventBrite’s internal marketing boosts
  • Leveraging ticket lists to target new purchasers
  • Ticket add-ons
  • People simply trust their money with a known brand
How We Outsell The Competition

If everyone uses it, why can Influx do better?

  • We have years of experience in event planning and ticket sales
  • We use your marketing lists to drive sales and retarget customers
  • We know how to read into sales to adjust pricing strategy
  • We use an omnichannel approach with multiple lead funnels working in sync (social, Google, email marketing, print, TV, billboards, etc)
  • Advanced pixel targeting to find the right people at the right time with paid social
  • Leveraging SEO for organic results outside of Eventbrite channels if we manage your website

These are just a few of the reasons EventBrite has been our go-to for small to medium sized events. Contact Influx today and we’ll help get the party started!