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Commercial Music Production

For your digital ads and video music is a critical piece to the end user’s experience. Did you know that many ads are blocked on social media, including YouTube, simply because your audio is not royalty free- or cleared?

At Influx we can help produce or source the correct beats to make your media bounce! All while staying compliant with copyright.

Where people make mistakes
  • Using copywritten material can hurt your ad quality and stop ads from running
  • Using other peoples music on YouTube triggers ads on your video content
  • Not selecting the right tunes can make your production sound flat
What we do
  • Source compliant audio to go with your video or radio production
  • Produce original tunes that you own
  • Assist in copywriting original works
  • Add your music to video we produce, or we can work with your files
Who we work with
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Podcasts
  • Streaming services

Listen to an example of our work on Spotify here.

Contact us for your next audio project and we’ll review what audio solutions can work for you!