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Brand Humanization In An Automated World

The market is chaotic!

Old-school playbooks are irrelevant!

And humans are still humans!


You’re invited this January 19, 2023 from 3pm-7pm EST for a collaborative mini-summit full of fireside chats, actionable gems and immersive networking opportunities.

Customers are no longer looking for the best price and product. They’re looking for a personalized experience.

While humanization can mean different things to different companies, the foundation of the idea is the same across the board: create an immersive journey by meeting your customers where they are.

Ready to peel back the layers and dive into what it means to embody a heart and human-centered business approach?

Here’s what this collaborative session will unleash:

Learning sustainable building blocks of creating an owned media


  • Exploring the future of collaboration through the Metaverse.
  • Understanding how automation has hindered cold outreach.
  • Uncovering ways to humanize your sales cycle.
  • Unpacking the future of the content creation relationship between humans and AI.
  • + More!

We are excited to journey together during this evening of humanization and connection.

Register for Free today HERE.

Overpass – Brand Humanization

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